Throughout history women have been treated many different ways; it just depended on the time period. There were times where women were inferior and others when they were superior. Finally, we are getting to the point where there is no inferior/superior relationship between Females and Males. I know that we are not completely there yet, but at least we can say that we are closer than ever.

Now, it hasn’t been easy getting here. There have been many influential women in the past that helped bring us along. Because my theme this semester has been leaning more towards feminism, and the option of analyzing lullabies for little criminals in a feminist theory was presented, I have to pay tribute to the women that have paved the way for feminism to exist.

Here are some, but not all because this blog would go on forever, of the women that have inspired me and others to stand up for what we believe in, and to stand up for equality.

Katharine Hepburn


J.K.Rowling J.K. Rowling Quotes


Emma Watson



These women, and many more, have been so motivational to the women of today, and beyond.

J.K. Rowling is my personal mentor because she created not only a magical world that was perfect for anyone at any age, but also because of all of the strong characters that she created. Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Molly, Professor McGonagall, and many more throughout the novel have all been a huge part of my life. They taught me to be myself because that is the best me I can be. Without reading Harry Potter, I am pretty darn sure that I still wouldn’t know who I am (at least now I have an idea) because I, just like Baby, didn’t really have a strong independent woman figure in my life. Yes, I have my mother and I had friends that were girls, but they too were learning about themselves just as I was.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about how I thought that Katharine Hepburn  would have been a great influence on Baby, and that she would have been helpful in showing her that she can be an independent woman. I still believe that she would be a great role model, however, during my research of the amazing women that helped society realize women’s potential, I have found a list of strong women, and believe that a combination of the three above would be an amazing fit. If I had to chose one, however, I would have to choose Emma Watson. No, she is not Hermione but she has very similar qualities. She is incredibly smart, strong, brave, courageous, and is caring. She would have been the most beneficial for Baby because she would have been there for her emotionally, and be able to keep her on top of her studies while helping her realize how important she is, and how she is worthy of the best. Baby really needed someone like this in her life because she needed that positive reinforcement to remind her that she is capable of anything that she wants to do, and that she is strong enough to walk away from Alphonse, and go back into school. I also believe that Emma would be able to help her get back in touch with her father. Emma’s quote “If not me, who? If not now, when?” would have helped her with realizing that she had to get away form Alphonse sooner rather than later because the situation could have escalated immensely. This may have ended fatally for Baby had she not gotten away when she did. Luckily for her the situation in which she got away (Alphonse’s overdose) enabled her to get away without worrying about him finding her again. “Alphonse was in exactly the same position as when he’d passed out. I was cold, which was strange because Alphonse’s body temperature always kept me really warm at night. As soon as I looked at Alphonse’s face, I knew that he was dead, even though I had never seen a dead body before.” If he had not overdosed and she were to try getting away from him when he was still alive then she would have need to have someone that could help her stay safe, and give her someone to confide in.

Overall, Baby was able to get away from Alphonse and realize that she is only 13 and still needs her father to help her through her childhood/teenage years, but I personally believe that a role model like Emma Watson would have been beneficial for her, in realizing her potential. However, this is a book, and Baby is not a real character. If she were to have someone to look up to and help her then it would have just been another generic and less interesting”coming of age” novel. This gave the story an interesting plot, at the main characters expense.


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