November 4th, 2016.

Recently I was listening to a podcast, which is weird for me because I rarely listen to podcasts, for an English project and became engrossed in the case. I should probably explain a bit about this podcast before I sound weird because you don’t have any context. Basically, there is a podcast, “Serial”, hosted by Sarah Koenig, and she investigates Hae Min Lee’s Murder. Adnan Syed, Hae’s ex was arrested for her murder, and is still currently behind bars. This may sound like an open and closed case and it could have been, however the holes in this case are big enough to drive a semi-truck through… It all came down to just 30 minutes when Adnan couldn’t recall where he was or what he was doing the day of Hae’s murder – January 13th, 1999.

Undated yearbook photo of Hae Min Lee, which  Justin George copied from one of Hae's former teachers at Woodlawn High School.

Hae Min Lee^

I went to three different articles/blogs to while researching so I could cover all of the bias’s and also get some straight facts. The websites I found information from are down below.

I believe that Adnan is innocent, but was a very possessive/protective individual over Hae. I once thought that Jay was the murderer because his story keeps changing and he doesn’t mention all of the details of the night Hae died. The state used cellphone records saying the tracked Adnan’s whereabouts, therefore backing up Jay’s story, however, “incoming call information was not reliable for the location of the phone.” – Susan Simpson. [The Guardian (1)]. Jay also “helped” Adnan bury the body or so he said, but the biology doesn’t match up with the story that the authorities were told because Hae’s body displayed fixed frontal lividity. This is where all of the body settles in the places closest to the ground after laying that way for 8-10 hours. Hae was buried on her back, and slightly twisted to the right. This is impossible for her to have been buried right after dying, or a few hours after, because the blood would have settled to her back. None of the hairs on Hae’s body matched Adnan’s, as well as the dirt on his clothing and shoes did not match up to the soil from Leakin Park where Hae’s body was found. Hae would have been lying face down for 8-10 hours, spread out, in a secluded area, which Adnan could not accomplish, because he doesn’t have the time or space to do this. It would make more sense if a convicted to criminal were to be the actually murderer, and conveniently, one was released 13 days before.

Domestic violence is almost always covered up by the media, because no one want’s to talk about it, but it is a big issue that shouldn’t be hidden or dismissed. Hae once hid from Adnan, and a teacher covered for her because she was afraid of him. [Awards Daily (2)]. We can’t ignore this, because nearly 4000 people die from domestic violence every year. 73% of the males involved (abusers) were also abused in their childhood ( I couldn’t find out if Adnan was abused as a child, but that doesn’t leave out the possibility. However, Jay Wilds was arrested for domestic abuse since Adnan Syed’s trial, which helps my theory, but I don’t know if he would have had the secluded space to hide Hae’s body for 8-10 hours before she was buried [reddit (4)].

During the 2010 appeal, Kevin Urick kept Asia from testifying and “discouraged her from participating in the trial” [Huffington Post (3)]. Syed’s counsel argues that it was a mistake to not have Asia testify in the first trial, because this could have saved Adnan’s case, and kept him from behind bars. Now, there is another chance for Adnan Syed, and to possibly have Asia take the stand because C. Justin Brown wanted Asia McClain’s testimony, and he may get it.

I originally thought that it might have been Jay, and that he was the other man that Hae was seeing, so when he found out that she told Adnan, he lost it, and murdered Hae because he didn’t want Adnan, his friend, to know about this. I was wrong about this, because Hae was actually seeing Don. He was a suspect, but was cleared when they found nothing against him. I still think that Jay isn’t telling the whole truth, but I am not completely sure how he was involved. I do however agree with the theory mentioned in “Serial” where they suspected Ronald lee Moore, who was frequently in prison. When he was out, he was linked to 2 rapes, and a murderer, was out for 14 months, and his release date was January 1, 1999, 2007 was supposed to be transferred, but was accidentally released and was found a month later. It makes more sense that rapist and convicted criminal who was released from prison 13 days before Hae disappeared would be the killer, than an innocent 17 year old ex-boyfriend of Hae’s.

All of my theories are just that, theories. I don’t have a background in criminology, nor am I a. detective that profile criminals; so I can’t say that Ronald Lee Moore is the killer, because I simply don’t know. However, I do really believe that Adnan is innocent, because he just doesn’t seem like a killer.

I chose to write a blog, because it allows me to be creative, and write in an informal tone while still informing my readers of the important information. I feel like the formal tone not only takes away the intimacy that a blog provides, but makes the reader feel like they are just being told information, and that they cannot really respond as easily. Because blogs are typically independent, it enables me to express my self efficiently.


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