I really enjoyed the podcast. Sarah Koenig’s voice was interesting to listen to, and she had a “business casual” tone; like you could go and talk about serious topics over coffee with her in comfy pajama pants, and it would feel normal. I also liked the topic because I have always enjoyed crime shows, and watched them with my father as a child.

I like the idea of presenting investigative journalism in this format. This is because it’s easy enough to follow, and you have a sense of connection with the case because, in this instance, you hear audio clips from the people involved.

I think that the victim’s family would want their privacy, and probably don’t like the idea of this case being so popular in the public because of “Serial”. If I was in their shoes I would want privacy too, and hope that others would respect my wishes.

I like listening to a text, because with reading I tend to skim through the content and can miss important details, but with podcasts and listening to text, you can’t miss those details as long as you are listening and pay attention. Disadvantages to podcasts are that when names are mentioned, it’s easy to misspell them, because they are not written down for you to read. If the narrator’s voice is uninteresting/monotone it can be painful to listen to, even if the content is really intriguing. With text, you can read at your own pace, and the names are already spelt for you, so the possibility of misspelling someone’s name is slim to none.

I know that I wouldn’t be able to remember that far back unless there was a significant event that happened, like when my nana died, I can remember what I wore, what book I brought to the hospital with me so I had something to read while she was sleeping (Girl Online by Zoe Sugg), the code blue that happened 45 minutes before she passed away, and the person it was called for died because all the nurses on the floor were quiet after. I also remember going for a walk around the 3rd floor to stretch my legs and coming back to her room, stopping before I went back in because I could hear my father crying and telling her that it was okay to go. That was one of the hardest things I ever did, because I was scared to go in and whiteness death for the first time, but I knew that if I walked away I would have regretted not being there for her for the rest of my life. I walked back into that room and sat on the right side of the bed with my father, held her hand and waited. This is why I think that I would only be able to remember that far back if it was significant because this event was very impactful in my life where as something happening that was part of my regular routine may not be remembered so easily.