"It is our choices that show that we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Albus Dumbledore

Influential Women that would be great role models for Baby

Throughout history women have been treated many different ways; it just depended on the time period. There were times where women were inferior and others when they were superior. Finally, we are getting to the point where there is no... Continue Reading →


The plan.

  As you know over the last few months, I have been writing about the book I was reading for my online grade 12 English class: lullabies for little criminals by Heather O’Neill. I have analysed the text in reader... Continue Reading →

lullabies for little criminals part 4

Okay. Now that I have read through the whole novel, lullabies for little criminals by Heather O'Neill, analyzing it through: reader response, archetypal theory, and feminist theory I believe that all of the theories were great in their own way. The theories... Continue Reading →

lullabies for little criminals part 3

I have finally finished reading lullabies for little criminals by Heather O’Neill, and I loved it. It was so different from my normal books I read that I was surprised I enjoyed it so much. I have analyzed this book... Continue Reading →

“lullabies for little criminals” part 2

If you have yet to read my first post about "lullabies for little criminals" then read it now before this one because you will be missing important information. Baby is a very complex character, because she displays many different archetypes... Continue Reading →


November 4th, 2016. Recently I was listening to a podcast, which is weird for me because I rarely listen to podcasts, for an English project and became engrossed in the case. I should probably explain a bit about this podcast... Continue Reading →

“lullabies for little criminals”

November 4th, 2016 One of the books I am currently reading is “lullabies for little criminals” By Heather O’Neill, which is about a 12 year old girl living on the streets, and in between houses while her father, Jules, is... Continue Reading →

Copyright Shenanigans

  Inspiration for this post, and some of the facts used throughout can be found here -   Recently I listened to the video series by Kirby Ferguson – “Everything is a Remix Part 1: the song remains the... Continue Reading →

Audio Vs. Text

I really enjoyed the podcast. Sarah Koenig’s voice was interesting to listen to, and she had a “business casual” tone; like you could go and talk about serious topics over coffee with her in comfy pajama pants, and it would... Continue Reading →

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